Monday, September 6, 2010

Medy at the Team Up DC Braai

Yes, I feel changed after the trip. The way I communicated and shared with the Soweto people was the best thing that happened to me in my whole life. I feel changed because I gave respect and I was given respect, which never happened to me before by people that I just met. I realized that I have the ability to communicate with people that I don’t know.

I have always thought that I have no ability to speak out or thought that people might not understand me. When I came back everyone kept asking me how was the trip, and I had a lot to say. I would start by telling them, “The trip was the best trip ever.” For real the trip was great. Then I would say “We saw a World Cup match, one of the biggest games, which was Brazil vs. Ivory Coast. Then we met the most wonderful, caring, funny, and respecting pen pals ever. They are like my brothers and sisters to me. We spent great times together. We fought AIDS and worked together to get rid of myths and misunderstandings.” Then this part was the fun part to tell people which is “I went through the caves, went to a safari, played soccer every single day, went to the constitutional court, and went to Mandela’s house. Then the most interesting part we met and spoke to a famous judge who lives with AIDS, Justice Edwin Cameron.” I conclude by saying it was the most wonderful trip.

Ahmed aka "Medy"

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