Monday, August 1, 2011

Team Up 2011: Why are we here?!

Team Up 2011 is underway!  Yesterday morning the South African kids arrived in America, and we reunited last night at Ms. Balogun's for dinner with the DC kids. Today, our first full day, we began by playing soccer.  We are in our first TakeAction session of the week, where we asked the kids to share their expectations, and also give insight on why we are here!

Natasha: We are here to spread the word about HIV/AIDS, we are here to know the game.  We are here to build our team.  We are here to make the move.

Koby: I came here to catch up with my friends from South Africa.  I really missed them and I wanted t see how they were doing.  I also wanted to find out what they were doing to help prevent HIV/AIDS.  Together we plan to spread the word about HIV/AIDS. 

Hopwell: We came here from South Africa to DC to spread the word about HIV and AIDS and stop stigma and discrimination and to learn more about the Project.  we also came to see our penpals and learn about USA and Washington DC.


What are you hoping to learn, and gain? Share your thoughts:

Natasha: My expectation is to see the home of DC and to respect our friends.

Hopwell: My expectations are for we to learn more about what we came for, not just to enjoy the trip.  I expect when we leave here, I hope that people have learned from us.  (Deidra chimes in with an AMEN!)

Siya: I expect to learn more from the DC kids.

Xolisile: I expect to become a leader.

What to think about all week?  We plan to meet with leaders in the fight against HIV/AIDS throughuot the week, and we want to question:

the underlying causes of HIV: choices people make.

Keep reading to see what happens all week!

-Tricky Vicky

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