Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update from Soweto

Hey guys this is Numfundo.

I am in high school now and my new school, it’s rocking. I have spread the word to my classmates that AIDS is a disease that cannot be cured, but that HIV/AIDS does not mean the end of your life. After we educate our friends, we have to also talk to them about discrimination and stigma. The six of us, we are talking to teenagers about what we learned in Team Up, and they are always interested. What are you guys doing in DC?

I just want to say I miss you and we will see you in July. Shay Shay (Tuziah), Liz, and Emily I really miss you. Hi Mr. Rob, Mrs. Balogun, and Mrs. Young.

Hey guys, I still remember you! We are planning to make a presentation to our community meeting. We are going to also go to the biggest hospital in Soweto and give our presentation. We now talk to our parents about these things, and they came to our last meeting. They will help us accomplish our goals.

You all are a big thing in my whole life. Tuziah, my penpal – I’ll never forget when we won the soccer game this summer…3 to 0!

Peace Up Guys,


Guys, its me Hopwell. I would like to say I miss you so much. I dream about you always. Anyway, I have kept my promise to spread the word about HIV. We are going to be working on our next Team Up project during our school holiday, April 4-8. It will be gr8.

Just wait, I will see you soon. “Coming soon,” like in the movies. LOVE U.

Hopwell Mguni

Hi guys it’s me N-dukes. I just want to say I cant sleep I always think about you and the things we have done together. You are so lovely and caring to other people, and my favorite day was when we shared our time at the Nkosi’s orphanage.

Kani and MJ have been coming to our school and helping us work on our projects.

Don’t worry, we will be together again. Love you.

Nduduzo “N-dukes”

Hey guyz – I want to say I miss you and wish you were here with us. We are working on our action plan. Our next step is:

1)      Make a presentation to grade 8, 9, 10, and 11 at 3 schools.
2)      Visit community meetings so adults can know what we think.

I want to say to my friend Ahmed when I come to DC I will make sure that I buy you some thing and I want to say happy birth day to Liz. We love you guyz.

Sibongile (Miyya)

Hi guys I cant wait to see you again. I really really miss you. To my penpal Diamond – I miss you too! I cannot forget our time together during World Cup. Remember our action plan guys, we are keeping that promise by visiting a community centre meeting with people infected and affected by HIV.

I love all you guys.



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